1. countrychickhick:

I loooove Brantley too much.
  2. themoonphase:


I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.

  3. thisisnotmyfairytaleendingg:

There should have been a camera on Blue through Beyonce’s whole performance tbh.
  4. cinderellas-stilettos:

Fadi El-Khuory Couture
  5. deepstarss:

    "you’re not asian! you’re indian/pakistani/bengali/other"

    bruh does the asian map look like this to you:


    (via dutchster)

  6. “Everybody was wearing rhinestones, all those sparkly clothes, and cowboy boots. I decided to wear a black shirt and pants and see if I could get by with it. I did and I’ve worn black clothes ever since. ” 
  7. georgia-dream:

    my talents include knowing the lyrics to basically every country song.

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